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Subject: Father Jose LuisThis is a homosexual, pornographic, story that contains elements of man-boy
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Robert Glynn Sitting behind the desk in his rectory, Father Jose Luis Mesa
called out, "Come in." in response to the gentle knocking on his office
door. The door opened and Caesar Lopez de Vega entered. A small, humble
man, clutching a paper bag to his chest, Mr. Lopez de Vega was clearly
troubled and kept his eyes down on the floor as he accepted the priest's
offer of a chair and a cup of coffee. After Sister Maria had served the
coffee and closed the door behind her, Father Jose Luis said, "What can I
do for you today, Don Caesar? What is troubling you?" Don Caesar glanced up at the priest, and then, averting his eyes
again, he answered, "It's my boy, Paco. Last night I caught him in the
barn..." here he hesitated, "he was masturbating." Father Luis smiled, "Oh, this is not a grave sin, something all the
boys do. Send him to me and we will talk. Do not be troubled about..." "Father," the little man interrupted, "he... he had this with him."
Don Caesar gave the paper bag he carried to the priest. Looking inside the bag, Father Jose Luis saw a glossy pornographic
magazine -- one that showed naked men writhing in the impassioned embrace
of other naked men. "Oh," intoned the priest, "this is another, more
serious, matter. Send me the boy tomorrow after school. petite lolita russian models I will begin
counseling him. It is probably a phase. Do not be troubled. Pray with
your wife, and show your love to your boy. Bless you my son." When the little man had left the office and the door was again
closed, Father Jose Luis Mesa slipped the pornographic magazine from the
paper bag and closely studied the pictures of naked men having sex with
other naked men.********* The knock on the rectory door the next afternoon was so small that,
at first, the old priest wasn't sure he had heard anything. Then the
tapping came again. "Come in." the priest called out. The door opened to
reveal Paco Lopez de Vega, standing shyly, like his father, with his eyes
cast down. The boy was small for his age, but well formed with slender
hips and strong shoulders. His black hair was cut long and spilled over
his forehead, always threatening to fall into his large brown eyes, which
were framed by exceptionally long, curly lashes. His lips were full, and
revealed a sensuous nature, and his tee-shit and jeans clung tightly to his
body. A beautiful boy ... thought the priest ... a pretty boy. When the office door was closed and the boy seated in front of the
desk, Father Jose Luis said, "Why are you here, Paco?" The boy answered, "My father sent me, sir." "And why did your father send you, Paco?" the priest asked. For a long moment the boy sat silently in the chair, his head down
on his chest. Then in a near whisper he said, "He caught me masturbating,
sir." "Paco, were you naked when your father found you masturbating?" the
old man asked. For the first time the boy looked the old priest in the eyes, and
said quietly, "Yes sir, I was naked." "Do you like being naked?" The priest leaned forward. The boy
nodded yes, in reply. "Good, then I want you to take your clothes off,
fold them and put them on the lolita nn model pictures table over there." There was a long pause
with no movement from the boy. "Go on," the priest insisted. "Don't
worry; I've seen naked boys before, and it is important for my counseling
session. No one will know what goes on here. Now, take your clothes off.
Go on." Paco was shocked at this unexpected turn of events, and sat for a
moment thinking what to do. He knew his parents expected him to do
whatever the priest said, and he little angel lolitas nude
knew his father would punish him if he
disobeyed. He also knew the priest was a servant of God, and a man whose
word was law. Paco also knew, deep inside, that the idea of being naked in
front of a man, even this dry, old, priest, was exciting. So, he reached
up and pulled off his tee-shirt. He leaned forward, untied his shoes and
took them off. Then standing, he walked over to the table, unbuckled his
belt and unzipped his jeans. With his back to the priest he slid his jeans
down, revealing a beautifully shaped butt, clad in tight white briefs.
Paco carefully folded his shirt and jeans and placed them on the table
before turning to face Father Mesa. Clad only in his socks and the white briefs, the boy was truly a
beautiful sight. The priest saw the boy's underwear covered a bulging
basket that seemed to be growing even as he looked. The old priest longed
to see more. "Your socks and underwear, too," he instructed "you must be
completely naked."
Paco complied, first removing his socks, revealing long, thin toes
and well shaped, sensual feet. When the boy lowered his briefs, he
revealed a surprisingly large penis that sprang up fully hard, jutting
straight up, past his belly button. Paco's cock was surrounded by a small
triangle of dark black pubic hair, which along with the tuffs of hair in
his armpits, was the only hair on the boy's body. His long, thin, cock was
uncircumcised, the foreskin covering the head of the boy's penis except for
the smallest tip, where the piss hole was visibly exposed, moist and open. Father Mesa said, "Place your socks on the table, bring me your
underwear, and have a seat." he indicated the chair in front of his desk.
When the boy had done as instructed, the priest held open the top 100 lolita art boy's
underpants and carefully examined them, noting the moist spots in the pouch
in front and, most intriguingly to the old priest, a brown stain in the
seat. He held the underpants to his face and breathed deeply, relishing
the delicious scents of the boy. Paco watched the priest examine his underpants with wide eyes, a
hard cock, and a growing understanding. He was amazed when he saw the old
priest sniff the skid mark in the seat of his briefs. The priest neatly folded the boy's undergarment, set it aside, and
said, "I want you to be completely naked, Paco." Puzzled, the naked boy said, "I am naked, sir." "No," the old man answered, "the head of your penis is covered, to
be completely naked, to be completely exposed, you must skin it back." The boy reached down with both hands and pulled his foreskin back
down on the shaft of his slender, hard, cock. The preteens angels lolitas innocent exposed cock head was
large. It flared out like a mushroom's cap, dark, almost purple, and moist.
As both the boy and the priest watched, a large drop of precum bubbled out
of the piss slit. top 100 lolita art "Good, now you are completely naked. Take your hands off your
penis and rest them on the arms of your chair." When the boy had complied,
the old man said, "Tell me what preteens angels lolitas innocent you were doing when your father found you." I was masturbating, sir." "And?" the Priest prompted. "And I was looking at dirty pictures." The boy said with his eyes
cast down, looking at his 12 yo lollita teens swollen cock with its naked, exposed head. "Tell me about theses young naked lollita pics
pictures, Paco." the priest commanded. The boy blushed, ducked his head even further, and in a voice that
was hardly more than a whisper, answered, "There were people in them --
naked people -- and they were playing with each other." Playing?" the priest probed. Paco nodded, "Playing with each other, kissing and touching ... and
stuff." "What kind of stuff?" Father Mesa probed. The boy slumped in his chair, surrendering, recognizing he could
not avoid telling the priest everything. "It was all men. petite lolita russian models They were
sucking cock and fucking and licking butt holes." the boy whispered. "Does it excite you to see naked men doing such things, Paco?" the
priest asked. "Yes, Father." the boy answered, and the hard cock, jutting up past
his belly button confirmed his excitement. "Have you ever done such things? Have you ever sucked a cock, or
let a man fuck you in the ass hole?" The boy shook his head no. "Ever
licked a boy's ass hole?" Another no. The next question surprised the
boy. "What do you do with your sperm when you masturbate?" "What?" the boy asked. "Your sperm, what do you do with it? Do you wipe it up? Do little angel lolitas nude
eat it? What do you do with your sperm?" Paco's blush revealed his secret shame. He thought no one else did
what he guiltily did, and ate what he thought of as his cock snot. "I eat
it, sir." "Good, good," the priest said "I want you to masturbate for me,
now, and I want you to eat your sperm. Go on." the priest urged, sitting
back in his chair and intently watching. Paco reached down and took hold of his beautiful, hard cock and
began to stroke it, rather timidly at first. With the first few strokes
Paco watched the old man watch him. The hungry look in the old man's eye's
emboldened the boy, who spread his legs wide, exposing, his smooth,
hairless, dangling balls. He brazenly stroked off now, and slid down in
his chair. In that position the old priest could almost see the young
boy's ass hole -- his hairless, pink, puckered shit hole. The old man
could almost smell it, could almost taste the moist, funky, musky, shit
hole, flavor of the boy. "Put your feet up in the desk," the leering old lecher commanded.
"Spread your legs. Show me your little shit hole, while you masturbate." The boy groaned out loud. He was being told - being made - to do,
what he so longed to do. He threw his feet upon the priest's old wooden
desk. He spread his legs even wider, wanting this dirty old man to look
at, to hunger for, his never- before-admired, most secret, naughty, hole. Paco was almost lying back in the big office chair, his hole thrust
upward and forward, toward the admiring, lusting old man. While he
masturbated his cock with a frenzied heat that bounced his low, swinging,
balls against his thighs and ass, he reached down with his other hand and
touched his own butt hole. This time it was the watching old goat who
groaned. The beautiful boy could no longer control his passion. With a cry
and a jerk, the wanton lad brought the hand that had just touched the
hungry lips of his quivering hole up and cupped it just in time to catch
the first blast of his erupting orgasm. The old priest saw the boy's body stiffen, heard his sexy moan, and
saw blast after blast of his hot sperm shoot out of his piss hole and into
his waiting hand. When at last the boy had relaxed back into the chair the
old man said, "Go ahead, eat it. Eat your sperm." As the boy lapped his semen from his upraised hand, the old man's
untouched penis erupted in orgasm, filling his underpants with a sticky
mess. The priest had not had an orgasm for several weeks, and to watch
this beautiful, naked, boy wanking and eating his own cum, brought him to
an unexpected rapture. When they had both calmed down, Father Jose Luis ordered the naked
boy to come round the desk and stand beside him. Paco expected the priest
to petite lolita russian models
order him to sexually service him. He was surprised when instead; the
old man opened a drawer and took out a ping-pong paddle, which he placed on
the desk. "It is time now to punish you," the priest said, and putting his
hand on the back of the boy's neck, he bent him over his desk, exposing the
lad's beautiful naked butt. The old man ran his hands over the boy's ass
tenderly caressing the firm, young flesh of the boy's bum. He spread the
lad's nether cleft and carefully inspected his pink, puckered hole. He
spent a long time looking carefully at the boy's beautiful shit hole, even
going so far as to lean close and sniff it. The old man could smell a
faint, lingering, whiff of the boy's shit. It excited him in a way nothing
ever had before. Then the priest began to spank the boy's naked bottom. He applied
the paddle to the youth's upturned bum with a vigorous slap, slap, slap,
watching the fine, unblemished, flesh redden, till his butt checks burned
with a hot, red, fire. The boy took the first blows quietly, but as the
spanking continued and his butt began to glow red, he began to wiggle and
squirm. Spank, spank, spank! The priest made sure the lad's entire lovely
ass was hot, inflamed, and deeply, red. When the old man, whose cock was
again hard in the gooey, cummy mess in his underwear, first heard the boy
groan out loud, he redoubled his efforts and paddled the boy's ass until
the lad was sobbing and crying with the pain. Still the old priest flailed
at the boy's tortured bottom, punishing him, wishing he could punish the
boy's penis and testicles the same way. "Later," the old man promised
himself, "I can't go to far today." Now, the boy's bottom was turning that deep, dark red, that verged
on blue, that promised serious bruising, and that the boy would feel for
many, many hours, if not days. Setting the paddle down, the priest raised
the boy up off the desk and turned the lad to face him. Paco's penis was
hard and wet; his face covered with tears, and snot dripped form the nose,
of the crying, sobbing boy. The old man felt a fierce surge of lust, and pulled the boy to him,
he began to lick the youth's beautiful, innocent face. When the boys
sobbing had stopped, and the old man had eaten all the tears and snot, the
priest pushed the boy back down, again bending him over the desk. Gently, now, the old man ran his hands over the boy's well beaten
butt. His ass felt really hot to the touch. Father Mesa reached over, and
opening a desk drawer, he pulled out a small bottle of hand cream. He
smeared the cooling, soothing cream all over the lad's bum. Then, with his
finger still covered in the silky goo, the priest slid his finger into the
boy's shit hole. The old priest had lolita nn model pictures never before penetrated another human,
and was astounded at the hot, slick moistness of the boy's rectum. He
spent a long, long time fingering Paco, going up inside the lad's chute as
far as he could reach, and stroking every part of the boy's sexy shit hole. At first, Father Mesa both longed for, and dreaded, encountering a
turd up inside the boy. He did not know if he could control himself if he
encountered naked small girl lolita
the boy's shit, he did not know what he would do, but the boy
must have shit earlier, his shit cunt was an empty hole to be fondled.
The' priest stroked and rammed the youth's prostate gland, milking the
precum from the boy's cock. He stretched the boy's sphincter, tickled his
colon, as he finger fucked the boy, who lay passively across the big desk,
letting the old man have his way with him. Paco never moved or made a sound
as the priest played stink finger with his ass hole. He just lay there, on
the desk, his cock as hard as it could be, and the priest's long fingers
playing inside him, stroking his homo love tunnel, his boyish shit cunt. After a very long time, the priest withdrew his fingers from the
boy and thrust them into his own mouth. The dirty taste drove the priest
wild, and he bent down and began to suck the boy's anus, thrusting his
tongue as deep into the lad's rectum, as he could go, desperately seeking
all of the raunchy flavor he could find. Paco, at first shocked to feel the priest's oral caress of his shit
hole, quickly surrendered to the wicked sensations and pushed out his bung
hole, so he could take more of the dirty old man's tongue. For a long
while the only sound in the office was the old man's slobbery, guzzling of
the virgin boy's shit cunt. After eating his fill of boy hole, the priest sat back in his chair
and instructed Paco to stand up and return to the chair in front of the
desk. The boy's cock was rock hard, of course, and dripping precum. The
priest, watched as the boy settled his spanked ass gently on the chair, and
then told Paco to again masturbate, and watched as the lad wanked his dick,
shot his wad into his cupped hand, and ate his sweet, sticky, sperm. "That was beautiful," Father Jose Luis said, "Now, I want you to
get dressed. Tell your father that I was very pleased with your
cooperation, and that you must return for further counseling. Let's make
your next session tomorrow, just after morning Mass, shall we?" Paco, tucking his still swollen penis into his underwear, nodded
his agreement. "Good," said the priest, "and Paco, I don't want you to masturbate
again - not till our next session." "Yes, Father." the boy said. "Now," the priest said, holding out his hand, "come and kiss my
hand." Paco walked over to where the old man stood, and knelt before him.
Taking the priest hand in his own, he kissed it, and then, going down on
the fingers that that had been up inside his shit cunt, he sucked and
licked the priest's hand. "Thank you Father." Paco said. "And Paco, it would be best if you did not shit before you come
here tomorrow." The beautiful boy, on his knees before the priest looked up at the
old man and said, "Yes, Father."
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